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Serial Drama School Age

Come to think of the faces of people of Korea, Taiwan and Japan is almost the same yes. Until now I still can not tell the difference. Aja guess wrong sometimes. Recognize early drama outside, when Meteor Garden aired on TV. Since then a lot of that broadcast television drama outside. Do not ask, I used to really like watching it. Only a few anyway. But now already is rarely watch.

Given a choice, a play mending Korea / Taiwan / Japan than watching Sinetron Indonesia. Not because they do not appreciate persinertronan. Indonesia mostly soap operas Down to brass tacks, do not get the logic, the story puanjang and another one, some the result of tracing the story of the drama outside.
Call it a soap opera Who's Afraid of Love is very similar to the same series called Meteor Garden Taiwan. One Litre of Tears Japanese serialized soap operas are also traced by Indonesia under the title Diary Nayla. If disebutin one-one loads. How Wong would like the same story. Like nobody else wrote the film. The reason that causes me less interested in watching Sinetron Indonesia. If you look, story and film in FTV Indonesia had a lot of plagiarism.

Love Strom (2003)

Anyway ... forget. This post, I want to write a Drama Series Korean, Taiwan and Japan my school days. (not a review of the film) where only a few have become my favorite. Call it taiwan drama titled Love Strom. Cast Vic Chou, Ken Zhu and Vivian Zhu. The story is interesting. Not the usual love triangle. Most interestingly, when I saw Vivian belongings of the all pink: D love that song openingnya. (Click the Opening Love Strom)

Stairway To Heaven (2003)

Stairway To Heaven. This is a movie that made me cry. Ending the girl (forgot her name who) died of a hereditary disease from their mothers. Cancer eye can not see him slowly. The film is the same soap operas sempet dicontek Indonesia but I forgot what the title. Ever watch a glance, and I immediately knew that sinetronya the plagiarisms of this drama. Tsk tsk tsk ... plagiarism is everywhere. I wrote no comment lah. (Click Opening Stairway To Heaven)

Snow Angle (2003)

This Taiwanese drama is a film that my favorites too. Toro liatin really like the cute face that. haha .. in addition, starring his girlfriend (Margaret Wang) is a crossbreed indo you know. He was born in Jakarta, but settled in Taiwan. I like to really listen to his song Snow Opening Angle. The singing was so Toro too. (Click Snow Opening Angle - Angle Click Snow Closing - read the review here)

100% Senorita Twins (2004)

Yey .. This serial drama is also in Indonesia contek soap operas, but ... again I forget what the title. But I'm sure there used to be really similar to the same contents Soap opera film ya. Taiwanese drama tells the twins that are separated at birth. Something like soap operas is that? But the drama is different really. The story is packed with slick. Deh same time acting like Wallace Woo. Handsome: D (Click Opening 100% Senorita "Twins" - read the review here)
Mars (2004)

Mars is a film where the main cast are a pair of soul mates: Vic Chou and Barbie Zhu. Here the appearance of Vic reckless, ignorant, brave, but still cool. While Barbie play a role here as a plain girl, do not make any difference he's still the same role in the film Meteor Garden, calm abis. (Synopsis can be read here - Hear Openingnya here) Openingnya kereeeeeen guaranteed. Strains of music is good. Until now still like singing though not clear what it means XD

Full House (2004)

Full house including a hilarious drama. I'm sure K-pop lovers must watch this movie already. Acting Rain and Song Hye Gyo perfecto. Rain never thought that basically it was a singer could act that good. Cute anymore. ^ ^ Not only that, acting Rain highly acclaimed for her role as the main character in the movie Ninja Assassins - Hollywood films. Rain is currently a short break in film as well as sing, since implementing mandatory mliter in Korea. (Opening Full House look here)
Sassy Girl Chun Hyang (2005)

Kyaaaa ... This is also my favorite movie. The story is romantic genre but there is humor as well. This film gokil. funny how ... Tells about a high school student who arranged marriage to marry. And they have gebetan respectively. Ending is somewhat forgotten already anyway .. hahaha * ntar stayed to watch again * this movie a long time already anyway. You can read the review here and see the opening (TV version) here.

One Litre Of Tears (2005)

One Litre of Tears is a Japanese drama soap opera dicontek Indonesia. This film is a true story where a girl has what disease so (forget) with age, his body was growing weaker. Really sad to watch this movie. Touched. Until finally the girl died. Well in the soap operas are different again, there is written that the story is only fiction, but is adapted yaaah true story. Olivia and Chelsea players Glen. Tau is not it? You wrote your own search. Anyway ya deh miriiiip film. (Read the Review of the movie please open this link - For his trailer click this)
Yup that's some of my favorites included a serial drama. Since then, I rarely watch drama series such things. Sorry this post is rather less detail to explain the content of the story. Hahaha .. please you read the review every link that I wrote. (I was too lazy to review the movie XD)

Oh, yes you still do not remember the taiwan drama series titled "Romance In The White House" and "Hospital"? which one of the cast is Indonesia artist. Agnes Monica. There Agnes compete acting by Peter Hoo and Jerry Yan. Although only a few episodes, but his acting is so cool. And the unique there korean drama titled 'Memories Of Bali' the location shooting in Bali - Indonesia. Never thought they took place in Bali. The story is also good. :)
I am writing this post just to recall the Korean drama series / Taiwan / Japan time I went to school first. If you forget, I can look at the blog with this post. Hehehe ... yes no no work. if so, just ignore this post. But, maybe one of you ever watch the drama that I mentioned?

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