Monday, March 12, 2012

5 of the Costliest Tweets Ever

Real-Time Advice: Twitter gets credit for bringing about change. But for some, it also costs hunks of it.

Sticks and stones may break bones, but 140 characters can do a whole lot more damage.

While Twitter can be a powerful social networking and marketing tool, hasty posts on site sometimes get pretty expensive. Misfired tweets have ended careers, led to huge fines, and most recently upended a murder trial. As reported this week in the Wall Street Journal, that case and others across the country highlight how Twitter and other types of social media are disrupting the jury trial.

The problem with Twitter, say experts, is that immediacy and informality -- the site's greatest strength -- are also its greatest dangers. "When you choose to communicate on Twitter, you choose to move your private thoughts to a [public] stage," says Derrick Daye, managing partner at LA-based consultancy The Blake Project. As a result, he says, "an ill-judged tweet can be extremely expensive." Read More

Anthony Weiner tweets away his seat

Price tag: $174,000 salary, dreams of being mayor, president

Juror tweets, judge orders retrial

Estimated price tag: $600,000-plus

NBA fines tweeting team owners

Estimated price tag: $525,000

Spirit Airlines ad blast for $9 fares

Price tag: $50,000

CNN editor Octavia Nasr fired for tweet

Estimated price tag: Future earnings

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