Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Africa on the Brink of New Shocks

The state powers of North Africa and the Middle East overtly routed, the process of destabilization in Nigeria and some other Africa South of Sahara countries moved a little away from the radar screen. But the recent events taking place in the most populated country of Africa make themselves be viewed against the backdrop of the «Arab spring», or «Arab leprosy» to be more precise.

Let’s remember that the situation in Nigeria has started to worsen in recent months because of terror acts committed by Islamic organizations. The Boco Haram, that had been engaged in low intensity terror activities before, intensified its actions by the end of 2010 when the death toll was 700 in just one week. It’s the territorial scope that strikes imagination, the activities are spread in a number of states simultaneously (including big ones like Borno, Yobe, Kano etc). According to the government estimates the Boco Haram is 500 thousands members strong. The next surge of terror came on the eve of Christmas 2011, a number of Christian churches were exploded and few hundred people lost lives.

On January 2012 new explosions shook one of Kano’s big cities, leaving 200 thousand dead (1). A few churches were destroyed in blasts again. All this provoked mass protests of Christians, some of them lost lives then. The new Boco Haram’s terror wave was not limited by attacks on common people of Christian faith but on government agencies as well. On February 27 2012 government buildings were attacked, especially police stations (2). It’s worth to remember the mass strikes and protests caused by petrol prices hikes that lasted a few weeks at the beginning of 2012. Their very scale and the fact that (unlike in other strikes of the kind) oil industry workers took part – it all goes to show Nigeria is balancing on the razor’s edge. Read More

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