Monday, March 12, 2012

Alex Song Arrested after threatening to go on a shooting rampage that would 'kill enough people to make it national news'

A student who threatened to go on a shooting rampage was arrested on Sunday.

University of Maryland student Alexander Song posted a message on a website detailing plans for a campus shooting spree that would 'kill enough people to make it to national news'.

He added a warning that people should ‘stay away from the mall tomorrow at 1.30’.

Song, 19, was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation after his arrest and faces a misdemeanor charge of disturbing school activities.

The university website describes Song as a member of a campus research program for select honors students who explore how science and technology relates with society.

The Gemstone Program lists Song, from Fulton, Maryland, as scheduled to graduate in 2014.

Police say the university administration has moved to immediately suspend Song and ban him from campus pending a review. Read More

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