Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bangladesh Ferry Sinks, at least 150 Still Missing

At least 150 people are missing after a ferry packed with about 200 passengers sank in Bangladesh, police said.

Divers have so far recovered 30 bodies, including women and children, from inside the sunken vessel.

About 35 people were rescued by another ferry shortly after the MV Shariatpur-1 collided with a cargo boat on the Meghna River.

The captain of the MV Mitali ferry, which picked up the survivors, told the ATN Bangla TV channel that "we stopped our vessel after hearing the cry of 'save us, save us'".

Dulal Dewan, who was asleep on the top deck of the two-tier ferry, said: "I was awakened with a big jolt.

"I jumped into the river in darkness as the ferry started going down.

"In minutes there were screams all around."

The MV Shariatpur-1 was travelling to Dhaka from neighbouring Shariatpur district when it sank in Munshiganj district, about 20 miles from the capital. Read More

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