Monday, March 12, 2012

Flood threat moves to Barmah area in Northern Victoria, New South Wales

Authorities are bracing for a higher than anticipated flood peak at Barmah, in northern Victoria.

Staff from the State Emergency Service (SES) and volunteers have spent the night sandbagging an area two kilometres east of the town.

The Broken Creek is expected to peak there tomorrow.

SES spokesman Michael Morely says about nine properties on the edge of Barmah will be at risk of inundation.

"It would seem that we're going to see some properties that we thought were not threatened, come under threat," he said.

"We're working very hard to ensure the number is minimised."

However he is confident the township should be safe.

Meanwhile, at Nathalia, 25 kilometres east of Barmah, residents are being urged to remain vigilant, as water levels there remain high.

Evacuation orders are still in place and the SES says there is still a risk the levees may fail. Leaks and seepage are a constant problem.

However the level of the Broken Creek is starting to fall slowly. Read More

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