Saturday, March 10, 2012

Grey Whales Wandering in San Francisco Bay

It has been reported that whales are still being seen floating at the San Francisco Bay. At the beginning of this week, about two gray whales were spotted at the Golden Gate.

Since then, the bay is being visited by the mesmerized visitors who wish to capture the beauty of the whales in their cameras.

Looking at the importance of the occasion, the boaters have been warned that if anyone is found of tempering the whales then the boaters might have to face a penalty of $20,000. As per the federal law, the boaters are required to maintain a distance of 50 yards away from the whales.

It has been informed by the Coast Guard Officer Mark Leahey that till now there hasn’t been any incidence of clash between the whales and the boaters. It has been informed that every year, the gray whales migrate from north.

The gray whales are often found wandering at the shores. Sometimes, the cow-calf pairs stay on the surf zones for nursing or to rest. On Thursday, dozens of people were spotted, at the bay, to get a glimpse of the whales.

In this whole week, there have been a number of incidences in which gray whales have been spotted with calf. Read More

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