Monday, March 12, 2012

Hundreds of rapists and murderers on the run WILL be named for the first time as police told to ignore their 'human rights' claims

Image: Dano Sonnex murdered French students Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez in New Cross after failed police checks

Hundreds of dangerous criminals who are on the run – including murderers and rapists – will be named publicly for the first time.

Previously, police and government officials had refused to identify these offenders for fear of breaching data protection or human rights rules.

But in a major victory for the Daily Mail, ministers are to overturn the ban and publish a list every three months.

It is hoped the shift will see more offenders identified with the help of members of the public and put back behind bars.

Justice minister Nick Herbert, who campaigned in Opposition for more openness in the criminal justice system, will write to chief constables in coming days to set out how the system will work.

Senior police officers will have to disclose the names unless there are good reasons not to, he will say.

The list will include details of those criminals designated as ‘unlawfully at large’. That includes anyone who has escaped from prison, or failed to return to jail from day release.

It also includes those who have breached the terms of their parole and who cannot be found by police. Read More

Note: If they are so dangerous, should we not be asking....Why are they not behind bars? Why does our system allow them to walk during day release? Why the hell do they get day release in the first place if they are highly dangerous?

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