Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Igloo man' weighs just six stone

The Swede who survived two months without food in a snow-covered car weighs just six stone (40kg), nearly a month after his rescue.

"He is still in a very poor condition and bedridden," a source told Sweden's Aftonbladet newspaper. "Last week he weighed only 40kg." When Peter Skyllberg, 44, was found on February 17, his story of survival made headlines across the world.

He told rescuers he had eaten nothing since December 19. His car had been trapped on a forest track outside Umea, one of Sweden's most northerly cities, during a month when outside temperatures regularly dropped below -22F (-30ÂșC).

Ulf Segerberg, the chief medical officer at Norrland University Hospital, where he is being treated, said that Mr Skyllberg was recovering well.

"He is awake and speaking lucidly," he told the newspaper.

Since his rescue, Mr Skyllberg has refused contact with his relatives and with the media, leaving the question of how and why he ended up in such a situation a mystery. Read More

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