Monday, March 12, 2012

Minister in legal battle to STOP Christians being able to wear a cross to work......Should of Guessed the Human Rights Court would be involved somehow

A Liberal Democrat minister has ordered Government lawyers to oppose the right of Christian workers to wear a cross.

On the instructions of Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone, they will call on European human rights judges to dismiss the claims of Christian workers who have been banned from displaying the symbol of their faith at work.

The move means that David Cameron’s Coalition is now lined up against the Christian churches on a second battleground – the Prime Minister is already at loggerheads with both Anglican and Roman Catholic churches over same-sex marriage.

It also puts the Government at odds with its own equality quango. The Equality and Human Rights Commission is to argue in the same European Court of Human Rights test case that workers should have legal protection if they wish to display a token of their religious faith at work. Read More

Note: So our Government is happy to fight the Human Rights Court when it comes to Christians displaying their religion, but when it comes to kicking terrorists and criminals our of the country they drag their heels and let the Courts of Human rights walk all over them.

Whatever happened to respecting others beliefs, if your going to ban one ban them ALL

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