Monday, March 12, 2012

Nikki Perez bitten by poisonous spider (and the deadly arachnid is spreading across America)

Ms Perez was waiting at Amarillo airport with her boyfriend Eric and his mother on September 20 and suddenly, while inside, Perez felt something stinging the back of her neck.

‘I felt a nasty pinch when I touched my neck,’ she said.

‘Next, I felt something crawling over my face and over my eye. I yelled for Eric to help me, and when he saw the spider crawling over my face, he swatted it to the floor, and stamped on it.’

But when Eric’s mother, a nurse, inspected Ms Perez’s neck, she knew something was seriously wrong.
‘I felt funny, instantly,’ says Ms Perez.

It was then that the nurse recognised the violin-shaped mark on the dead spider’s back.

’A bite from a brown recluse can be deadly,’ says Janet Kempf, an arachnologist with the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. Read More

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