Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One hundred paedophiles chemically castrated in controversial prison experiment to crush their sex drive

Image: Evil: Roy Whiting, killer of eight-year-old Sarah Payne.

Around 100 paedophiles have been chemically castrated under a Government scheme to stop them reoffending.

The sex offenders volunteered to take the drugs designed to stifle their libido during a pilot experiment at HMP Whatton in Nottinghamshire.

One course of the drug, leuprorelin, should reduce their testosterone levels to that of a prepubescent boy.

The ongoing experiment could revolutionise the way the British penal system deals with sick criminals such as Roy Whiting, who murdered eight-year-old Sarah Payne in 2000, or Colin Blanchard, who ran the online child sex network that included nursery worker Vanessa George.

The programme at HMP Whatton, a specialist category C prison which holds male sex offender, is being run by the Prison Service and the Department of Health, co-ordinated by criminal psychiatrist Professor Don Grubin.

'I have referred around 100 people for treatment,' he told The Daily Mirror.

'We know the treatment works to reduce sexual arousal and fantasies.'

Chemical castration can cut the rates of reoffending from 40 per cent to five per cent, according to researchers in Scandinavia. Read More

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