Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Parents awarded $2.9M in ‘wrongful birth’ lawsuit over daughter born with Down syndrome

A Portland, Ore. couple was awarded $2.9 million on Friday for the care of their Down syndrome baby, who they argue would not have been born if doctors had not been "negligent” in their pre-natal care.

Ariel and Deborah Levy won their "wrongful birth" suit against Legacy Health System, arguing they chose to continue their pregnancy based on what doctors told them, according to ABC News, and would have terminated it if they had not been assured their baby did not have the genetic condition.

Jurors found five instances of Legacy Health's negligence, including a doctor's finding that the baby had a normal chromosomal profile based on a test that was performed and analyzed incorrectly.

Thirteen weeks into Deborah Levy's pregnancy, according to The Oregonian, her doctor tested a sample of tissue and concluded the baby did not have any chromosomal problems. Even though later tests suggested it might have Down syndrome, doctors assured the family that nothing was wrong. Read More

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