Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan are the Middle East Axis of Evil

U.S. President George W. Bush coined the term “Axis of Evil” when refering to North Korea, Iran, and Iraq in his 2002 State of the Union Address. There are reasons to believe that like several of his strategic blunders (e.g., reliance on Pakistan army to neutralize the Al Qaeda threat, invasion of Iraq etc), Bush was much off the mark in his assessment of the Axis of Evil, an error which was also enabled by a powerful Saudi-Ikhwan (Saudi-Muslim Brotherhood) lobby in Washington, D.C.

If today, we have unrest in Afghanistan and Iraq and uncertain situations in Egypt, Libya, Palestine, Syria and Yemen, the discreet role of three counties is hard to ignore: Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan. Together these three countries constitute the real axis of evil, the Middle East Axis of Evil.

We cannot hope to have democracy, peace and stability in the Middle East and the entire world unless we address the lack of democracy and active support for Jihadi Salafi-Ikhwan terrorism by these three countries.

Let me explain the above hypotheses with a few examples:

1. The September 11, 2001 terrorists were mostly of Saudi Arabian origin, inspired by the Jihadi-Salafi ideology of a Saudi citizen (Osama in Laden) and an Egyptian Ikhwani Jihadist (Ayman Al Zawahiri, current head of AQ).

2. Jordan and Saudi Arabia are two major sources of Al Qaeda infiltrators into Iraq, providing the largest number of Salafi-Ikhwan suicide bombers who have killed thousands of Shias, Sunnis (Hanafis), Christians and Kurds in Iraq in the last several years.

3. Qatar’s Al Jazeera is known for spreading Salafi-Ikhwan propaganda in the Middle East in a subtle and refined manner. While its English news channel is known for selective morality and dishonest twists (e.g., silence on Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, noise on Syria), the Arabic channel is much more blatant in its Salafi-Ikhwan psy-war and tactics. For all practical purposes, Al Jazeera is the major propaganda wing for the Middle East Axis of Evil. Read More

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