Tuesday, March 13, 2012

U.S. Spy Plane to Watch North Korea During Nuclear Summit

The U.S. and South Korea plan to deploy a high-powered American surveillance aircraft to watch North Korea during the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul on March 26-27.

The E-8C J-STARS is capable of tracking hundreds of vehicles, military installations and missiles simultaneously within a 200 to 500 km area. "By flying over the demilitarized zone, the aircraft can get a clear picture of North Korean troop movements around Pyongyang and Wonsan and even beyond," a military source said.

While AWACS surveillance planes monitor aircraft and other airborne targets, the J-STARS handles targets on the ground.

The J-STARS has a wingspan of 44.2 m and is 46.6 m long. It can stay airborne for up to 11 hours at a time and monitor an area about five times the size of the Korean Peninsula for eight hours. Source

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